Bay St. Bull: Step up your professional game with Handled

From startups to restaurants to high-tech corporations, women are taking the business world by storm and leaving their mark. Handled’s Shira Yoskovitch on bringing personal shopping to the masses.

A personal shopper or stylist may seem like a luxe service, but the founder of Handled, Shira Yoskovitch, would disagree. Yoskovitch believes that you don’t need to be a CEO to benefit from Handled’s affordable suite of service offerings. 

Handled is a shopping concierge on your phone or desktop. Tell Handled what you want, and they take care of the entire shopping process for you. That includes browsing, buying, delivery, returns and alterations for apparel, accessories, home gifts and related items all according to your budget and timeline.

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Shiny Stripey People

Shiny Stripey People

Ohhhh STRIPES! Are bigger – bigger than you and bigger than me….

We’re not sure exactly why they make us want to sing R.E.M., but stripes do make us feel like Shiny Happy People, and they are a much bigger fashion icon than any of us, so we’re going with it.

Stripes are a perennial favourite, especially when Spring styles start hitting the stores. And we’re HERE for them.

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The Ultimate Work/Travel Capsule Wardrobe

The Ultimate Work/Travel Capsule Wardrobe

We’re always looking for efficiency, for style, for the best ways to get the most out of life. Why? Well because we want to savour experiences as we live them, without too much fuss, without getting caught up in minutiae – but certainly, and always, with style.

Of course, it has taken us years to develop some of the techniques we now use for ourselves and with our clients to create this kind of ease. And, that’s particularly true when it comes to the necessities of work travel. Surely you remember when work travel was brand new for you? The excitement of being paid to go somewhere new! The jetset feeling of popping in and out of airports and cities where soon you became ‘a regular.’ And all the while, constantly forgetting one thing or another, buying multiples because hey, forgot again! And trying to figure out exactly how to have a robust enough wardrobe while maintaining a carry-on lifestyle but always ending up with the most ‘versatile’ aka boring items in your closet because “black always matches.”

Well, we’re here to shake that up for you. In our post on Airport Style we revealed the simple formula we use to create flattering, comfortable, stylish outfits for the days when you’re actually in travel-mode.

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