Float or Founder Podcast: Episode 6: Shira Yoskovitch, Founder of Handled

Making any product is no easy feat. Making a customer-facing business comes with its own set of challenges but Shira Yoskovitch has it handled. 😉 Shira is the founder of Handled, a concierge service for our busy lives. She tells us how her corporate operations background, her ability to put a product out there and accept feedback, and her love of really improving someone’s day and helping them has allowed her to succeed. Click here to more.

HOLR Magazine: HOLR chats with Founder Shira Yoskovitch of shopping app “Handled”

Founded by Shira Yoskovitch, Handled is a shopping app service that takes care of the process of shopping for you.Described as a “personal shopper at your fingertips.”

Whether it’s browsing, buying or making sure your unwanted garments go to a good home, Handled is dedicated to giving you instant access to expert style advice.

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Bay St. Bull: Step up your professional game with Handled

From startups to restaurants to high-tech corporations, women are taking the business world by storm and leaving their mark. Handled’s Shira Yoskovitch on bringing personal shopping to the masses.

A personal shopper or stylist may seem like a luxe service, but the founder of Handled, Shira Yoskovitch, would disagree. Yoskovitch believes that you don’t need to be a CEO to benefit from Handled’s affordable suite of service offerings. 

Handled is a shopping concierge on your phone or desktop. Tell Handled what you want, and they take care of the entire shopping process for you. That includes browsing, buying, delivery, returns and alterations for apparel, accessories, home gifts and related items all according to your budget and timeline.

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Toronto Storeys: Top 5 Self Care Hacks You Can Try From Your Home

“New year, new you” is the title and theme of most stories we see this time of year.

And it’s no wonder: With a new year comes the ideas and ideals of how we can improve our lives on various levels.

So with this, we thought it would be fitting to round up a varied selection of Toronto professionals and services that come to your home with the intention of helping to make your life easier and a little more manageable.

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Bay St. Bull: Dressing For Success Just Became A Lot Easier With This New App

For 20 years, Shira Yoskovitch led the charge as a senior executive in retail, distribution, and supply chain management. Life as a busy career woman and caretaker often left her strapped for time, inevitably forcing her to leave certain responsibilities on the backburner. For Yoskovitch (and so many other professionals), efficiency is key to success, which often means building a wardrobe of key sartorial essentials that can be incorporated into a streamlined dressing routine. The problem is, what if you don’t know what those essentials are, or don’t have time to seek them out?

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