I’m thankful for my village

I’m thankful for my village

Hello, my name is Shira and I’m a control freak (hi, Shira).  I admit it. I LOVE to have my hands in all aspects of what’s going on around me.  I get an actual thrill from being able to make things work.

But if I’ve learned one thing in my 40-ish years it’s that you can’t- just. can. not- be involved in everything all the time if you want to 1. be the best – friend, family member, employer, employee, person; and 2. keep your sanity.   This is by far the biggest lesson of 2017 for me.  Yes, whilst I suppose I’d always known this at some level (in other words, I had been told many times but it hadn’t really successfully sunk in before), the past 12 months of developing and launching Handled has driven the point home in a profound way.

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We’ve all had THAT moment…

You know the one… it’s 2:30am, you’re doing your levelled best to get just a little bit of sleep, but your Everest-sized to-do list is haunting you.  Forget about counting sheep- you’re too busy counting how many things you have to do vs. just how little time you have to do it in.

Yup- I get it.  And that’s exactly why I launched Handled.  Because not so long ago, that was the very picture of me, and I just so desperately needed someone to help, or at least just take the edge off my growing stress level and get some of it off my hands.

But not just that.  Handle it, start to finish, without me having to worry about it getting done.  And, not just done, but Done with a capital D, to the level (or better?) that I would myself.

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