Bay St. Bull: Dressing For Success Just Became A Lot Easier With This New App

For 20 years, Shira Yoskovitch led the charge as a senior executive in retail, distribution, and supply chain management. Life as a busy career woman and caretaker often left her strapped for time, inevitably forcing her to leave certain responsibilities on the backburner. For Yoskovitch (and so many other professionals), efficiency is key to success, which often means building a wardrobe of key sartorial essentials that can be incorporated into a streamlined dressing routine. The problem is, what if you don’t know what those essentials are, or don’t have time to seek them out?

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The Globe And Mail: Looking for that special luxury item? Here’s how to find it online

While the rest of the world was clicking through holiday wish lists, the luxury-goods market was reluctant to come around to e-commerce.  Indeed there are still some holdouts that have yet to make themselves available online. But in 2017 the Internet has become a great place to find the most luxurious, thoughtful and unique gifts for your loved ones, and typically boasts more options that you can find in person.

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Style Democracy: This Amazing New Service will Save you Major Time When Shopping

Are you an on-the-go professional? Do you feel overwhelmed by everything flooding your to-do list? Allow me to introduce you to your new best friend. Handled is an online personal shopping service that provides you with expert style assistance whenever and wherever you need it. From de-cluttering your closet and styling pieces you already own, to reinventing your wardrobe entirely, to altering, tailoring and even helping you find the perfect gift, Handled is the first of its kind in Toronto.

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Strategy Online: Handled bets on demand for personal shopping

Retailers and brands are all working hard to invest in their mobile and omnichannel experiences, but some consumers might just be too busy to shop.

And while personal shoppers are largely limited to the wealthier among us, technology is a bit of an equalizer – something a new Toronto business is betting on.

Handled Concierge Services is a new mobile-based personal shopping service officially launched earlier this month, aimed at busy professionals and families who find certain kinds of shopping to be more burden than pleasure.

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PSFK: This Company Is Trying To Put Personal Shoppers Within Reach

Now there’s an app to access personal shoppers. Founded by Shira Yoskovitch in Toronto, Handled Concierge Services has created a personalized approach to shopping, powered by technology. Understanding that busy professionals don’t have a lot of extra time in their day to spend searching for the perfect gift or new clothing, the Handled app offers it as a service.

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Betakit: Handled Concierge Services launches mobile-based personal shopping service

Handled Concierge Services has launched a mobile-based personal shopping service in Toronto.

Handled said the service allows people in the Greater Toronto Area to purchase gifts, do personal shopping, and receive wardrobe consultation and styling tips through a mobile platform. Clients can create a profile, schedule an initial free consultation, and set a budget and timeline for their required shopping tasks.

For its part, Handled researches the market, browses online and brick-and-mortar stores, arranges pickup and delivery, and purchases clients’ items. The company also offers specialized services including closet visits, styling, alterations, hair and makeup, and themed gift wrapping.

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