Camping it up at Met Gala 2019

The first Monday in May has without a doubt established itself as the must-watch fashion-with-an-F moment with the annual Met Gala – the Costume Institute’s marquee fundraiser, helmed by none other than Queen Wintour (Anna, that is).

The annual exhibit theme sets the tone, and this year’s did not disappoint. Camp – Notes on Fashion took its cue from Susan Sontag’s 1964 essay for Partisan Review, the legendary provocative and oft naughty publication that was essentially about pushing boundaries and challenging convention. Today we’re used to ever-shifting lines & definitions when it comes to roles, behaviours and how they impact dress, but in the ’60s, those ideas were rev-o-lutionary.

Ask yourself this – what’s the difference between camp and kitch? If you ask Sontag, camp is about the love of the unnatural and exaggerated. The artifice and the outrageous. More than anything, though, it’s a badge of identity and honour.

That art of being *extra* was gleefully on display on this year’s pink carpet. Here are our fave moments, trends and looks of the night:

It’s all about the entrance

It may be a bit of a toss-up who had the most epic entrance of the night but the reigning majesties were definitely Lady Gaga and Billy Porter.

Lady Gaga Came. To. Play. Her 4-outfit performance art piece, accessorized with everything from a brick phone-turned-purse to a pushcart of goodies, set the tone for the night and gave warning to all those who followed to bring their fashion A game. Designer Brandon Maxwell was front and center, helping her shed layer by fabulous layer and with each one, Gaga just became more Gaga.

Billy Porter took a more Pharoah-eque approach, being carried onto the carpet by a team of attendants before transforming into Isis, the ancient Egyptian goddess of light and magic. #Perfection.

Fashionable comfort is not an oxymoron

Though our absolute fave accessory of the night is the chicken in Tiffany Hadish’s clutch (love that!), a very close second is a pair cool sneaks under those gowns.

Now, we’ve certainly been known to suffer for the cause of fashion and have had more than our fair share of so-sore-they’re-numb toes at the and of a night out. But, gotta say, it made us really happy to see Serena lead the way with what we are kinda hoping will be a new trend that takes hold (if only to preserve our overly-abused toes).

Image from @metmuseum

Going for the gold

Gold and shiny things just make us happy. There, we said it. Maybe it’s because the colour evokes aspiration and inspiration. It captures our imagination and lets us think about places, people and things that are more fantasy than reality. And let’s face it, that’s part of the joy of fashion- the pure escapism of it all.

From Emily Blunt in Michael Kors Collection (replete with 510,000 sequins), to Awkwafina rocking out in Altuzarra extravagance, and Mindy Kaling’s blonde Moschino bombshell, it was all just so OTT that it made us giddy.

Celine is – well – Celine. And we worship her for it.

The picture says it all. #Campgoals.

Image by @thecut

Cover image courtesy of @fredericaspires

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