Spring Decor! Chic not cheesy

With every new season we feel an almost irrepressible urge to cart everything away and redecorate our entire homes from scratch! But let’s face it – it’s a lot easier (and infinitely more realistic) to beat the rugs, fluff the cushions, and generally freshen up our living spaces with a few small touches here and there.

But when it comes to a Springtime reset, there’s a fine line between welcoming the season and getting hokey for the holidays.

There’s lots of ways to evoke the feeling of Springtime and holidays without resorting to overly literal, saccharine sweet representations. Here are a few ways we love to bring the warmth and freshness of Springtime into decor. We hope you’ll find them inspiring!

Core Colours

We’re accustomed to thinking of chalk pastels for Spring but there’s no hard and fast rule to that. The home decor police won’t show up at your door if you stray – we promise!

We take our cue from both decor trends and from what’s happening outside our windows. The grass is greening, the blue jays and robins with their bright colours are laying fascinatingly speckled eggs, the first flowers are popping up with their clear, bright, warm colours. How’s that for inspiration?

Try amping up the hues that you choose for your Spring accents instead of falling back to pale pastels.

While you’re choosing, decide whether you’d like to stick to one or two new tones or a whole rainbow. Add a metallic accent if you’re feeling fancy and watch your new colours sparkle and come to life!

Image courtesy of @aelfie_

We love this sophisticated smartie box! If in winter your neutral sofa had darker accent cushions, this is an easy way to update them for a fresh Spring look. Check out the table too – it’s a perfect burst of sunlight!

Image courtesy of @homesensecanada

In a different approach, swapping out heavier winter pillows and throws in favour of washes of saturated pastels complimented by a sparkling gold floor lamp bring life and lightness to the room. Not to mention the added greenery that brings the feeling of a tropical outdoors, in!

Surprising Subjects

Of course we think of bunnies, lamb, and fish when we think of Easter, Passover, and Nawroz, but they’re not the only symbols we cherish!

Sometimes these symbols are best reserved for the holiday feast table itself, rather than strewn around the house with abandon.

We focus on seasonal flora rather than fauna for an everyday approach to bringing Spring to our homes.

Mismatched glass vases or china jars full of monochromatic or mono botanic buds instantly bring life into a space and easily extend your Spring colour palette. Don’t worry about fussy arrangements, we actually prefer something less contrived like floppy tulip heads, tiny chamomile buds, sturdy hyacinths, or fragrant lilacs cut from the bush in the yard, all with their deliciously fresh greenery.

The best part? You can spread them out to have one or two vases in every room for maximum Springy-ness – and then gather them all up to become dinner table centrepieces for holiday feasts! It’s a 2 for 1!

Image courtesy of @crateandbarrelcanada
Image courtesy of @verandamag

Reimagine Motifs

Sometimes it feels like the only way to welcome Spring is by filling your home with twee ceramic bunnies and copious numbers of ornamental eggs. But there’s no need to be literal about the signs of the season!

Revamp your inspiration by focusing on the materials those symbols are often made out and let those more subtle references become your Springtime accents.

Raffia, dyed linens, burlap, light woods, and metallic accents are as suggestive of Spring holidays as the woodland creatures they’re often turned into, but they can become so much more elegant in different applications!

Image courtesy of @muskokaliving

We’re fans of colour but sometimes neutrals create even more impact. Natural linen slipcovers, softly hued cushions, and touches of woven grasses express the Spring season beautifully, with all the hallmarks of traditional artsy decor – and none of the craftsy-ness.

The Tablescape

We couldn’t leave out a Springtime table! Whether it’s a religious, spiritual, or communal experience – or a combination of all three – many of us are brought around the table to celebrate the season of rebirth in its many forms. Dining with family and friends is always joyful experience and one in which your decor can run wild!

If you love all those sweet, traditional Spring symbols, let them come to play on your dining table in unexpected ways!

Image courtesy of @susankfeldmen

We love everything about this table. The gold shimmer, the robin’s egg blue, and look at those little matzoh placetags! Sweet, sophisticated, and familiar to all who have had the pleasure of attending a Passover seder.

Image courtesy of @calderclark

One of our favourite Easter tablescapes! Fanciful china, linen napkins, and those bobble-headed tulips we love so much. But get closer – that moss bunny steals the show! Whether you’re hosting brunch or dinner on Easter weekend, this will be the happiest table there could be.

It doesn’t have to be a major holiday to have some fun with your table. Changing up your dishware and table linens is a wonderful way to welcome the new season into your home We think these layered options are perfect for making every day feel like a special occasion!

Have you considered changing up your home for Spring? What elements do you like to change to freshen things up?

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