Hit “Refresh” On Your Home – And Your Spirit!

Recently we were hit with a sudden rush of posts from 1,000s of Facebook friends, all on a “tidying up” rampage fueled by a combination of January beginnings and power-watching the new Netflix series of the same name. Of course, we were shoving mouthfuls of Chicago Mix into our faces as people raved about the incredible release of stress that it was to finally be rid of the clutter that held them back.

And then we wondered – decluttering is a great way to see things afresh, but releasing ‘stuff’ can take us only so far.

After the thrill of the toss is gone, then what?

Just like we do our wardrobes, we believe that our surroundings deeply influence our lives and can help us to achieve our goals. In fact, we believe that it’s possible to design your environment to help you experience the life you want to live, the way you want to live it – even if that’s just refreshing our senses by refreshing our surroundings!

Sometimes, it’s the adding back, as much as it is releasing, that gives us the joy we’ve been seeking.

We’re not saying that your abode needs a full-on facelift every season – though that does bring up visions of laying on a chaise lounge, eating grapes, while decorators flit to and fro – how fantastic would that be??

In the absence of that particular daydream, we have come to believe that by simply adding a spritz of something new, you can seriously spruce up the energy in the homefront – as well as in your your spirit. So, when all of December’s glittery decor comes down and you’re face-to-face with what feels like a major case of the blahs, it’s time to doll up your domicile!

The updates you make need not be drastic. sometimes it’s the littlest additions or changes that have the most drama. For that? We rely on an old favourite – the tried and true “Pop of Colour” technique!

Nothing could be simpler than adding a pop of colour to enliven a room and signal a change of season or mindset. When those New Years-y metallics have come and gone, and the dull, quiet days of January and February are front and centre, it’s time to “invite the bright” by adding in some unexpected intensity in luxe fabrics and lucious colours to your space.

It’s not just about pillows

You already know you can add a throw pillow here or there. That’s a good start, but it’s just the beginning to elevating your mood when you come into a room. We like to bring it up a notch or two with soft pieces that – though easy to do – have a greater surprise factor so your payoff is bigger and brighter!

We can’t get over how much brightness and warmth the simple addition of a pop of yellow brought to this otherwise very sedate and stately bedroom, especially how it plays up the golden hue of the bedside lamps. Talk about detail.

We could even see changing out the navy pillows, duvet cover, and lampshades to something livelier and lighter come Spring! Think a yellow and blue print.

Image courtesy of La Maison Gourmet

Blanketing a room with colour doesn’t always mean a throw

Is it too much to suggest a change of drapery? We think not. It’s a larger commitment than a cushion or vase – but what an impact it makes!

At first, you might think there are two pops of colour here, since the sofa is such a terrific teal. But when paired with burnt orange, the teal begins to feel nearly neutral.

While most would lean more towards a conservative (aka safe) neutral for panels this large, we deeply dig the boldness of this pumpkin orange for Fall/Winter. Come Spring, we might change them up again to a lighter, glossier fabric in “Living Coral,” Pantone’s colour of the year, to breathe new life into the room once again.   

Image courtesy of Elle Decor

A minor paint job yields major impact

Changing the paint colours are a great way to add or change a pop of colour in your home – and it’s a low-cost project that you could do yourself in as little as an afternoon!

With an unexpected touch of coordinating the window and door trim to the colourful soft accents in the living room, this space becomes more cohesive, exciting, and welcoming than if they’d gone with only one of these thoughtful choices instead.

Check out the matching apples too! Red Delicious in every way…

Image courtesy of Forbes Magazine

Find a focus and layer it up!

Layers and layers of complements! From the complementary colours of yellow and violet, to the complementing accents that play with one another from the flowers to the floor coverings to the umbrella stand! Could there be anything more welcoming than this sunny entry?

We love that you could change up either or both of these incredible accents a few times a year and not break the bank or a sweat!

Image courtesy of Redbook Magazine

Shifting and playing with colours and even moving them from room to room or surface to surface doesn’t just change up the look of your home, but also the energy of the space – and your energy in it. Whether you choose one room or a few to play with, we bet you’ll feel your spirit lift too!

Cover image courtesy of Back To The Wall

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