Our Top Life Hacks to Restore Harmony this Holiday Season

We don’t know about you, but when we turn the page on our sassy Anne Taintor calendar to December there’s an automatic catch in our throats. Anxiety, panic, perhaps the sliiiiightest twinge of concern about how to get it all done – without getting done in…

Who isn’t trying to negotiate obligations with work, friends, family? The holiday work/life balance struggle is real.  

If only there were more hours in the day…

Ah! But there are! Sure there’s lots of multiply the hours in the day with the one gift that actually does create time – outsourcing.

We can’t recommend it enough. And, we’ve come across a few novel options that we can’t wait to bestow as our gift of time to you.


It feels like on every day of the 12 days of Christmas is “FIIIIIIIVE LOADS OF LAAAAUNDRYYYYY!”

We’ve had enough, and we’re sure you have too. Simply Laundry has a solution for every kind of laundry that needs doing – whether wash & fold, dry cleaning, special care, or even taking care of clothing donations. They also have free pick up and delivery every day, including evenings and weekends. Yeah, we’re not sure why we do any laundry ever any more, either!


Most of us are alright with the everyday ‘neat and tidy’ activities, but the bigger cleaning projects take more time and effort. And, with all of the extra demands on your schedule over the holidays – wouldn’t it be great to have a break from the menial tasks of keeping house?

Everyone could use a little extra help with this during the holidays – now’s the time to accept it! We love Merry Maids who send a team of two to clean your space thoroughly. They bring their own professional equipment, use proprietary cleaners that are free of harsh chemicals and (we don’t know how they do it but) your house smells like cinnamon when they’re done! Mmmm!


Whether you’ve got parties coming, people staying, baking to bake, or just zero time or wherewithal to head to the grocery store, then arrange for the grocery store to come to you! Grocery Gateway might be the OG of the service, but all of the major grocers now offer delivery options, now. Whether you’re a Loblaw’s, Metro, or Walmart shopper, they’ll be thrilled to help ensure you have the freshest foods delivered to your door.

Meal Delivery

Our love affair with Hello Fresh has been going strong ever since our first experience with them in our Self-Care Experiment last summer.  And what better time than the busy holidays to find a service that ensures fresh, healthy meals that only take 30 minutes to prepare?

Holiday Catering

We love cooking but we understand that most people find making an entire holiday meal with all the trimmings an exhausting and stressful affair.

Why not bring in the pros to prepare your holiday dinner for you?  

Owned by Personal Chef Jenny Shearman, My Sweet Beet caters to all sizes of families on a weekly or special occasion basis. Her ultra-personalized service includes consulting with you on the menu, any food preferences or requirements, grocery shopping, and preparing your glorious holiday meal in your own home – and then she’ll sneak out so you can enjoy the accolades!   

Holiday Decorating & Gift Shopping

We adore taking care of all things holiday because we know that while we’re totally “elfing out” on the fine points, you’re able to focus on the big picture things that are what the holidays are all about, your family and friends – and yourself.   

From finding that rare pair of ski goggles that are only available in New Zealand to stocking stuffers and wrapping gifts, or designing your home holiday entertaining decor and festooning your bannisters and trimming your holiday table (or even taking it all down when you away on vacation!), having Handled take care of the details means that you’re greeted with the winter wonderland of your dreams.


No matter what it is that you need picked up or dropped off, it can help to have a great delivery service on hand. Good Foot is one of our favourites because the independence from tasks that you receive also translates to a foothold on independence for their couriers. As a social enterprise, Good Foot is an environmentally caring company that also provides meaningful work to people with developmental disabilities. Their couriers travel on foot and by public transit to ensure your goods are delivered within your specified timeframes – and with a smile.

If these don’t magically multiply the hours in your day, we’re not sure what will! And, when your friends and family notice how cool and calm you are this season, share the love with this little post, k? After all #sharingiscaring, right?

Now take a deep breath, pat yourself on the back, and pour yourself something lovely to celebrate.

You’re becoming a master of managing the holidays!

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