5 Gifts That Are 500% Better Than a Pack of Movie Tickets

There’s a special special zone for those people impact your life more intimately than say your colleagues or boss could, but less so than your closest friends or family.

People like your best referral sources, most significant clients, your mentor/mentee, your housekeeper, your hairstylist, your manicurist, your dog sitter – you know, the go-to people that make up your “I can’t live without them” Team.

Sometimes gifts are a no brainer. But, in the case of gift giving in this context where the line is blurred and – to riff off an old phrase – “the personal becomes professional,” it can be a challenge to tread the line between ordinary and over-the-top.

A little creativity can make the difference between showing real appreciation versus the feeling of being another item to tick off the “Nice List.”

The people who make our lives better, easier, smoother deserve more thanks than the run-of–the-mill movie tickets or coffee shop gift cards as a sincere expression of thanks this time of year. Remember that emergency hair colour correction your glam squad bailed you out of? Eeeeexactly.

Some might think that any gift is a good gift – but we think those people just don’t know how to give well!

A little bit of skill paired with genuine generosity can go a long way to helping your capital “T” Team feel truly appreciated.   

So how would we tackle the peeps in this special category? We follow these four simple keys…

  1. Personal relevance: Show your recipient that you’ve really paid attention to their individuality. When presented with a token that speaks to their favourite things, the impact of your is even sweeter.
  2. Playful over practical: Remember how well it went over when you got that immersion blender for your anniversary? Yuh-huh. A little whimsy won’t only brighten your recipient’s day but it will also leave a lasting warm feeling about you in their thoughts.
  3. Freestanding: No more gifts swathed in company logos or gifts that require the recipient to ‘do’ something in order to claim it. Ribbons are for gifts – not strings. Focus the gift solely on the recipient – and count on them to remember how lovely you are by the sentiment not the logo.
  4. When in doubt go local: Everyone loves receiving artisanal gifts that inspire local pride – even if they don’t express it. Whether in the form of artisanal goods or donations in their honour, a locally inspired gift is a perfect solution for those on your list who are really tough to read.

Without further ado, a few of our favourite examples that have been proven hits for our the special professionals on our lists:

Barefoot Dreams Circle Cardigans

After arranging for nearly 20 Barefoot Dreams Circle cardigans as gifts on behalf of a one of our clients – all received with rave reviews, we have no doubt that they’re a winner!

Cozy warm and universally loved, a gift by Barefoot Dreams is everything you need for a cozy off-duty weekend. Whether a hoodie for men or classic circle cardi for women, your favourite clients and providers will think of you when they’re comfy, cozy, and most relaxed. We think that’s a pretty good way of being remembered!  

To really personalize this one, go the extra mile and include a best seller for the bookworm, or a mug and some fancy tea for the one who loves a good cuppa.

I Love Puffy Love Custom Artisan Marshmallows

Choose from flavours that range from luxury chocolate, chai, and vanilla to more fanciful strawberry, rose, or lavender. Or, work with Mai, Head Puffy Lover, to create your own custom flavour!

We love that these puffy pastel coloured squares can be paired with everything from classic hot chocolate to prosecco – in fact, we love partnering a fancy chocolat chaud or bottle of bubbly along side to complete the gift.

Each order of 60 marshmallows can be divided into different size boxes from 4-pieces ($7/box) all the way to 15-pieces ($20/box) per box – which makes them perfect for settling gifts for anywhere from four to fifteen people on your list!

LSTN Earbuds

We love giving brilliantly designed earbuds and earphones for recipients who are music/podcast lovers, runners, or commuters/travellers. They are, after all, endlessly useful. But you know what we said about utilitarian!

Audio accessories from LSTN are like gift giving in hi-fi stereo because LSTN products are really two presents in one.

Of course, they’re beautifully designed – and for every product purchased, LSTN donates a portion of proceeds to provide hearing aids to people around the world.

So, not only will you have the perfect gift for those audiophiles on your list, but there’s an extra touch in knowing your gift honours others as well.  

Surround sound, in the best way.

Grounds & Hounds Coffee Subscriptions

We never tire of gifts that give-back.

In this case, “must love coffee, must love dogs” are the only requirements needed to choose a gift from Grounds & Hounds. This fair-trade, organic coffee company features delicious coffee blends and supports pups and the shelters that house them. What better way to touch the hearts of the caffeine-fueled dog lovers in your life? (check and check!)

Whether you purchase a one time gift or really treat your recipients with a monthly coffee subscription (we love a gift that keeps giving!), 20% of of all Grounds & Hounds profits are donated to no-kill rescue organizations that provide safe-havens for pups between homes, located as locally as they can to where your purchase was made.

BoxFox Custom Gift Boxes

This one isn’t just super easy, it also makes every gift a 4 out of 4 on our Keys scale!

Premium goods are already hand-selected by the team over at Box Fox, so you know every box will be curated and special. Set your price limit, select prefab gift boxes or built custom boxes for each of the people on your list. Perfect every time.


And just in case you’re not exactly sure who to include in this special category, here’s a quick list to help jog your memory…

  • Mentor
  • Mentee
  • Housekeeper
  • Therapist
  • Wealth Advisor
  • Nanny
  • Kids’ Teachers
  • Dog Walker/Pet Sitter
  • Hair Stylist / Colourist
  • Manicurist
  • Esthetician
  • Superintendent / Landlord
  • Concierge (if building rules permit)

Have we missed anyone? Gifting should be a genuine gesture – not something obligatory or last minute. Try following our four keys and let us know how it goes – or, of course, reach out to us and allow our Handlers to assist you in taking care of all the special people on our list!

We’ve got a feeling the delight and appreciation you’ll create with this thoughtful take on holiday gifting will bolster and brighten your professional relationships all throughout the year.


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