How To Look Great for a 15-Hour Day

A long workday is one thing, but when the holidays approach it’s not just those extra days in the office, it’s the festive lunch, the client entertainment, the kids’ school concert, and the corporate party that make keeping up your best that much more of a conundrum.

For the season that has you running from one thing to another, from dawn until dusk, something must be done to keep you looking and feeling bright eyed and bushy tailed – instead of roadkill run ragged.

We’ve got a few tricks up our sleeves for helping you maintain your good cheer – and good looks – during the long days ahead. And, they can all be done in a bathroom break – which is great, because we bet that’s all you’ve got time for!

Pack your toiletries

This is the perfect time of year to keep a small toiletry or dopp kit at work or in your bag. Fill it with the travel sized essentials: toothbrush, toothpaste, floss and mouthwash, a small hair brush, hair spray or gel, a mini bottle of your favourite fragrance, deodorant, a mini lint brush, and concealer for surprise spots – yes, for everybody!

Take extra care of your eyes

Lack of sleep, increased screen time, dry, heated office air, battling wind and cold – we underestimate how much our eyes go through on a daily basis, especially during winter.

To prevent the redness that can give us away, try giving your eyes a break from contacts a couple of days a week, and add a duo of eye drops to your toiletry kit: one that’s simple saline/artificial tears for dry eyes, and another with a vasoconstrictor to help fight redness when all else fails.  A great gel under eye mask is also a godsend (yes guys, this one’s for you too!) because not only will it keep the puffiness away, it will also soothe your skin making it feel more refreshed, and whether you use it warm or cold, it’s a sure-fire 15-minute relaxation.

The 6-product face

The beauty of this simple way to do makeup is that it works for quite literally everyone and you can carry it with you for touch-ups without schlepping a huge makeup bag.

Because it’s designed for subtlety, if it wears away a little at a client lunch, over cocktails, or just through the course of the day, it will hardly be noticeable, you’ll still look polished and you never need worry about running eyeliner or bleeding lipstick.

Primer (the secret to anything lasting 15-hours!), tinted moisturizer, concealer, mascara, blush (the most important!), rosy lip product.

That’s all you need.


Add some glam, save some time

We happily trade an hour on one day for weeks of spending less time getting ready and more time looking fabulous.

Lash extensions, lifts and tints, even brow microblading are all great, non-permanent ways of boosting your look and saving time in your daily routine. We couldn’t believe the difference we saw after a lift and tint, even in our early morning gym-dates.

No makeup, yet we looked human at 6am? Book our next appointment, please!

Make friends with salad

The holidays wouldn’t be the holidays without extra treats in the office. But we all know those sugar-highs result in crashes that make following through on evening plans nearly impossible. Instead, choose wintery salads chock full of coloured roasted veggies, hearty grains, deep green leaves, and perhaps a little leftover steak, chicken, or tofu. Look at lunch as an opportunity to replenish, not just refuel, and notice how much more energy you have later in the day!

Do your best Wonder Woman/Superman impression sin your company’s washroom

Don’t worry, there’s not usually a need for a completely new get-up for every event you have in one day but, it does freshen your spirit to give your look a little “presto changeo.”

Try swapping out your opaque tights to a glossy black sheer, your work shoes to heels, or your shirt, tie, and socks to go from one part of your day to the next. Or, add or remove an item (change out your jacket for a faux fur wrap, or add a sport coat over your shirt and slacks).

These small costume changes result in big impact – and they can all be made in a washroom stall near you!

Advanced reinforcements

Comfort is often compromised during long days but it can be minimized or eliminated with a few special unit reinforcements! This is military grade for when you have to GO! GO! GO! Add gel insoles to your footwear, dry shampoo, daytime compression hose and socks – they’re a game changer, pepto tablets, and tylenol/advil (which by Christmas really should be an hors d’oeuvres).

Hydrate, hydrate, and go to bed!  

Oh, we know you’ve heard it before. While an espresso or cappuccino might be the ritual that starts your day, it’s caffeine and sugar that are wreaking havoc on your mood, your digestion, and your skin.

By no means would we tell you to give it all up (you’ll rip our Friday dirty chai lattes out of our cold, dead hands!), but limiting to one or two cups a day and then supplementing with citrus spiked water at your desk or in your car will keep you feeling (and looking) brighter and fresher far, far longer.

Same goes for sleep. There will be long days and early mornings, but getting as much solid sleep as you can regularly will help keep you alert and active – and needing that caffeine just a little less.

There you have it! You’re ready for drop off, morning meetings, that client lunch, afternoon presentations, cinq a sept client cocktails, dinner, and the holiday show!  

Have you tried these secrets to looking great during long days? Which ones are your tried and true?


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