8 Unexpected Gifts for the Host(ess) with the Most

There’s something different about being invited into someone’s home during the holidays. There’s an extra sweetness, a deeper belonging, and a sense that during the holidays, everyone really is a family.

Obviously any old bottle of wine falls just a little flat when it comes to family. Especially during the holidays we think that Host with the Most gifts that show a little more ingenuity turn a standard expectation into a deeper, more thoughtful gesture that show how much you care.

Of course, we also know it’s a heckuva lot easier to pick up bottle of wine on the go than it is to spend time thinking about what’s truly unique and different. So, we’ve done the brain tickling for you.

Skip the heavy duty thinkery, and jump straight to picking up your #1 Best Gifter ribbon (and secure your invite for next year’s party) with our top 8 unexpected Host(ess) with the Most gifts for 2018.

1. For the Cocktail Connoisseur: Boutique Spirits

Up the ante with a homegrown, boutique spirit that’s going to turn even those who think they don’t like gin into believers.

We discovered Levenswater right at home which is convenient since it’s creator developed the uniquely Canadian composition in his own kitchen before introducing it to Toronto’s best bartenders and cocktail bars.

Levenswater eschews cucumber and juniper, preferring an interplay of Canadian herbs and florals. Even more exciting? Levenswater is natural, dye free (the pink is from the ingredients!) and they’re releasing a series of editions that take you on a delicious tour of the seasons.

It’s about to hit the LCBO shelves, but get in ahead of the curve and order it directly from their online shop.

750ml $50 Images courtesy of http://www.levenswatergin.com

2. For the Minimalist Bohemian: Diptyque Candles

We never tire of giving Diptyque candles as a decadent host gift – and better yet, people never cease to be delighted to receive them!

The unique, “stylish bazaar” essence of the original boutique at 34 Boulevard Saint-Germaine, Paris permeates every product.

How can we deny our hosts (or ourselves) the bohemian luxury of a Diptyque candle?

There’s a scent for everyone but our perennial favourites are Figuier, Feu de Bois, and Baies.

3. For the Distinctly Torontonian: Coasters from Daily City Train

Bing! Bong! Boong! Whether your hosts have lived in the 6ix for years or are new to the city, these coasters are the perfect gift for anyone who adores Toronto. Not only are they made by a local photographer, but they’re also sold individually so you can mix and match them to create a completely personal gift.

We can’t help but think that a single coaster of your host’s closest TTC station would be beautiful framed in a shadow box as well.

Images courtesy of @dailycitytrain
$10.99/ea at http://www.dailycitytrain.com

4. For the Intrepid Epicure: A Himalayan Salt Block

A dramatic way to serve, salt blocks have been around for ages. That said, they’re just a bit intimidating. What exactly do you do with them? This gift sorts all of that out. A gorgeous salt block paired with an equally gorgeous cookbook.

$89.95 Image courtesy of http://www.williams-sonoma.ca

5. For the Constant Cook: Lampe Berger

We love celebrating the holidays – especially when that means all latkes, all the time! That said, the process of making these delicious fried potato delicacies can leave the house smelling of well, fried potatoes, for days.

No matter what your holiday menu, there’s bound to be more than a few flavours wafting through the rafters for days on end. So, while Lampe Berger might be known for its home perfumes, may we suggest an odor neutralizing version as an alternative?

The odor neutralizing So Neutre Essentiale from Lampe Berger is a cook’s little secret for keeping the delicious aromas of dinner at the table and not lingering throughout the house.

A starter kit provides your host or hostess with everything they need to experience the sophistication of Lampe Berger.  

$49 Image courtesy of http://www.lampeberger.ca


6. For the Family: Ultimate Game Night

Short winter days and long winter nights often mean more time spent indoors. Why not give your host the gift of game night with a new addition to their family’s selection?

Ticket to Ride New York is one of our current family favourites. Not only do you get to travel to New York but you also get to travel back in time to the 1960s!

7. For the Traditionalist: Dessert

Please don’t disrupt the Host’s dinner menu by bringing your own food (unless, of course, they ask you to)! Instead, bring them a quaint and unexpected add on in new take on a Christmas Log…. The SOMA Birch Branch is as whimsical as it is delicious. With its combination of chocolate hazelnut butter, crispy crunchy layers, and a tart ribbon of sour cherry jelly in the center, it’s sure to please everyone from kids to grandparents.

$38 Image courtesy of http://www.somachocolate.com

8. For the Hygge Fan: A family of Reading Socks

Is there anything better than curling up with a good book in wintertime? The only thing that makes that even more delicious is being comfy and cozy while you’re curled up! A family of reading socks for your Host and those who live with them is a sweet and comforting gift they’ll have lots of opportunity to enjoy during cold nights and quiet mornings.

Starting at $34.50 but often on sale…

Image courtesy of @chaptersindigo

Which of these Host with the Most gifts will replace your usual bottles of wine this holiday season?


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