Next Level Gifting: Make It Personalized

The very definition of luxury, customization shows a level of attention to detail that stops people in their tracks. What began in ancient Rome and Greece as a way for one ruler to literally leave his mark and identify his reign, monogramming then evolved to become an identifier of one’s art, writing, and property. Later, during the Victorian era, monogramming became a symbol of aristocracy with embroidered initials on linens, engraved monograms on silverware. Then, when the masses joined in, they translated the idea of the monogram into more useful items like sealing stamps.

No matter how many centuries have been and gone, monogramming, personalization, and customization still hold as much allure and excitement as ever. In fact, monogramming and personalization have been amongst the hottest trends of the year!

We know you can handle a bathrobe or a throw blanket, and hey, we would never turn those babies down! But if ever there was a time to upgrade, it’s now. So, because you’re about to be The. Best. Gift. Giver. EVER, we wanted to set you up with our favourite – and most surprising – personalizable gifts of the year….

1. Add a Signature to a Signature Shade

One of our absolute favourites, an engraved lipstick case adds the ultimate signature to an already signature item. Whether for your team at work, your best friends, or your Mother-in-Law, a signature shade with a signature engraved is a simple but entirely unexpected twist on a gift. Not everyone knows this service is available, but Nordstrom’s Personalize It station is one of our best kept secrets (not anymore!). Whether it’s YSL, Tom Ford, NARS, Guerlain or others, it’s a small extra charge to have the case engraved in one of their font types.

Photo courtesy of @elynchong


2. Etched Eaux by Engravers Guild of London

Scent is the sense more closely linked to memory. So, when someone finds their signature scent, there’s almost no way of separating them from it – either in their grooming routine or in our thoughts of them! And why should you? Instead, make their scent even more special by etching a memory onto the bottle, just as their signature scent is etched into yours.

Of course you can be as traditional or as tongue in cheek as you like – that’s what personalization is all about! We had a little fun designing bottles for our guy friends, and we bet you will too.

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3. Even Smarter Smart Watch Bands & Phone Cases by Casetify

A perfect set for anyone with a penchant for technology, Casetify is a master of personalization and at a comfortable price point, too. We love that you can choose the colours for both the stripes, the initials, and the face case for watch bands, and that you can customize a phone case in a myriad of ways!  

Images courtesy of @casetify


4. Stake a Personal on Luggage by AWAY

It’s fair to say we are obsessed with luggage. That’s to be expected from anyone who travels as much as we do. And if there’s one thing that makes an adventurer feel especially jet-set, it’s monogrammed luggage. This time we’ve found a contemporary twist on this classic with AWAY. One of the most preferred brands of the blogger set, AWAY not only makes super functional and good looking hard case luggage but they also hand-paint every custom monogram on their luggage.

Up the ante even more with a few of their premade leather stickers. Now that’s an upgrade that will make your case stand out on the crowded carousel!



5. Make Holiday Spirits Brighter with Spirited Gifts

Sure, spirits might seem like an expected gift during the holidays but how often have you received a bottle that’s been personalized just for you and not just from a corporate head office? This year try “making spirits bright” with your own pithy statement…actually that’s a good one, if we do say so ourselves!


Images courtesy of @spiritedgifts


6. Make Your Child’s Drawing a Reality with Trootoys

The next time you take down a round of your child’s artwork off the ‘fridge gallery,’ have a closer look and see what characters have shown up. And, what could be more personalized to a child that having a special character their imagination created join them in real life?

Dutch designer Mariken Tetteroo turns any idea or drawing into a small stuffed toy that your child will instantly recognize and love. Pair it with the original artwork, framed, and they’ll have pieces to treasure forever.

Before and After shot of a 6 yr old boy and his toy puppy (self-portrait) Image Courtesy of Trootoys


7. A Paper Doll Family Portrait by Jordan Grace

OK. This. Is. IT! We need these in our homes (specifically, if you would like to send one to the writer of this post, she is waving her hand fanatically). Who likes sitting for family portraits? Um… no-one. And, since we take a million photos on our phones on the daily, we also often wonder which is more fulfilling: the posed and perfect photo, or the decidedly unpolished every day shot?

We know you probably already have both already – but do you have hand-made paper doll portraits of our whole fam-jam – including your fur babies!? Yeah, didn’t think so, but we do think it’s one of the sweetest personalized gifts around and a unique new take on a family portrait!


8. Family Heirlooms, Illustrated by First Pancake Studio

The holidays are a treasure trove of fond memories – many of which involve the sights, sounds, and flavours of our favourite foods being whirled together in the kitchen. Rather than have those delicacies turn into just memories, why not preserve the recipes in the form of a made-from-scratch piece of art?

Definitely a more beautiful wall decor than the much-loved, much-worn family recipe book!


9. It Girl Gold Initial Pendant by Bracha

Sometimes you just need one, well-placed letter – especially for all the girls in your life who’s name was just never available on anything. For the Shiras, Tamaras, and Quinns in your life there’s the quintessential It Girl jewelry piece – the initial necklace. We love this rectangular version from Bracha, which is a different play on the usual ubiquitous disk.


10. Truly Trademarked Tech Folios from Mark and Graham

A phone case, a notebook, wallet, card case, and a tech cord roll, just a few things the on-the-go technology lover carries with them every day – but what about a folio that replaces all of them and is also monogrammable?

Whether for the daily commute or for travel, this tech folio is one of the sleekest we’ve seen, reducing the number of things a person needs to carry from many to exactly one. When you add a monogram? We know it will be one of the best received gifts you’ll give this year.


Want to have your holiday gifts Handled?  Go to to get started.  We’ll organize, wrap, and deliver your personalized gifts this year (and even get the cards to go with them). After all, this is what we live for! Your gifts (and sanity) remain intact, you become Queen or King of the gifts, and it’s our little secret.

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  1. I never knew about #7 and I am now OB-SESSED with the whole concept! And now that I know about Nordie’s “Personalize It” station, everyone is getting something from there this holiday season!

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