Winter is Here: How to Survive in Style

If you’re remotely interested in fashion and live in a four-season climate, your saving grace for bone-chilling temperatures is all of the hats, scarves and gloves you have *very* legitimate reasons to wear. But, it gets to a certain point, i.e. when you have to cover 90% of your face, where it becomes a tiny bit difficult to look your best while dressing appropriately for the weather. Keep reading for some of the best ways to do just that.

Winter Coats

For Her:

A coat with a belt or otherwise cinched waist will ensure you don’t look like a grizzly bear who’s anticipating hibernation. We’re also loving puffers in pops of colour – they will literally brighten your day.
Screen Shot 2018-01-22 at 6.07.15 PM.png








For Him:

A coat that reaches past your behind will not only keep your tush warm, but totally elongates your frame, thinning your waist and broadening your shoulders. Otherwise, a puffer with even a hint of shape will make a world of difference.



Aviator Hats

For him or her, lined with fur, AND providing optimal ear and head coverage, aviator hats are the best way to stay covered and still look fashion-friendly. This is by far our favourite go-to accessory for the season.


Heavy-Duty Boots

We lucked out this season with designers actually clueing in to the fashion AND function requirement that all winter boots should have. Stay away from suede (we know it’s obvious, but you’d be surprised) and stick to leather and rubber if you can. Think warmth, durability, style – as if an Ugg and a Prada hiking boot had a sexy baby. And again, this applies across all genders.

For Her:



For Him:




Last but most certainly not least, every single person out there needs a thick, cozy scarf to survive the winter. Not exactly along the lines of Lenny Kravitz circa 2012, but something large enough and thick enough to block out that wise-ass-negative-20-degree-celsius wind that seemingly impossibly sneaks through your jacket zipper.

For Him:


For Her:



The bottom line is this: we may as well take advantage of how drab winter is and let ourselves stand out as much as possible. Whether that means being the only person who walks into the office with a waist or making your coworkers actually happier by wearing bright yellow gloves. We guarantee that either of these choices will put a spring in your slushy step.

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