Gifting 101

Step 1 to getting the holiday juices flowing…

It’s barely even November but if there’s one thing we’ve learned – and if you’ve lived, you’ve learned this, too – the holidays creep up on you. There’s just no way around it. Every year you trick yourself into thinking you have all the time in the world to get everything for ev-ery-one and before you know it, it’s the weekend before Christmas and all you’ve got to show for it is a stocking with your dog’s name sewn onto it. So take it from us (we know a thing or two about buying for others) and plan ahead. Rather take the time to pick the perfect gift, whether it’s a fur stole or a weekend away, because after all – you only get as good as you give.

For ‘The Straight-Shooter’

AKA The man or woman in your life who doesn’t believe in the word “excessive” (I know – WHAT?!?). This gift should be practical and clutter-less. Something that, regardless of what it is, they don’t have to think twice about wearing or using it. Those crazy cordless  earphones or the perfect carryon (in any color) would fit seamlessly into this individual’s fuss-less routine.


For ‘The Wild-Child’

AKA the person we all have the most fun buying for. They are the antithesis of a wallflower, always wanting a gift that screams, “Hey! Look at me!!” and that really is the easiest gift to find. An experience gift could work, too, such as rock-climbing, allowing him or her to explore their energetic tendencies (I know – WHAT?!?).


For ‘The Boss B****’

Gender inclusive, we’re blessed at Handled to be surrounded by a few of these. Get this giftee something that reflects their values: hard work, determination, and a zero BS policyThink structured bags and bold shapes for gifts you wear, and fabulous exhibits, like Christian Dior at the ROM, for a gift you live.

Screen Shot 2017-11-08 at 6.14.58 PM.png


For ‘The Luxe Homebody’

This is the person that comes to mind when you think of silk, Yoga, and aromatherapy. You can get him or her just thator something else that emanates cool, calm, and collected, i.e. a cozy throw or a gorgeous, east-Asian-inspired rug.

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For ‘The City Slicker’

This is the person in your life who epitomizes “downtown living.” They eat out every night, über everywhere, and waking up to the intoxicating combination of skyscrapers and smog is the only thing that gets them out of bed in the morning. Give this person a gift that will compliment their hectic lifestyle (like this mixology workshop) because believe it or not, that’s what they love most about it.

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For ‘Mom and Dad’

Quotations not completely necessary, this is a couples gift, a two-for-one, or a two-birds-with-one-stone opportunity, if you will. Experience gifts are extremely applicable here, allowing each party to enjoy the gift fairly. Think something like a relaxing weekend away, a salsa class, or simply a reso this twosome would otherwise push aside.

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