We’ve all had THAT moment…

You know the one… it’s 2:30am, you’re doing your levelled best to get just a little bit of sleep, but your Everest-sized to-do list is haunting you.  Forget about counting sheep- you’re too busy counting how many things you have to do vs. just how little time you have to do it in.

Yup- I get it.  And that’s exactly why I launched Handled.  Because not so long ago, that was the very picture of me, and I just so desperately needed someone to help, or at least just take the edge off my growing stress level and get some of it off my hands.

But not just that.  Handle it, start to finish, without me having to worry about it getting done.  And, not just done, but Done with a capital D, to the level (or better?) that I would myself.

Even more (was I dreaming?)- it would get done, to the highest quality and attention to detail, and we’re having a laugh all the while that it’s happening?!?

Oh… and what if I could have someone in my circle who would actually be thinking of ME, and anticipating what I’ll need in near future, before I’ve even thought of it, because they’re always there listening to me and how my life is going???

Well, there you are.  That’s Handled in a nutshell.

Our objective is simple.  Handled is here to bring you joy, confidence and relief by helping you to find the perfect purchase or gift.

We believe that your time is precious.

We’re here to make your life easier, so that you can spend your time doing what’s important to you.

Every few weeks we’ll be posting here to keep you updated on what and who we’re inspired by, and what we’re doing.  Please let us know how we’re doing, and any ideas you have for profiles or stories you’d like more of.  You can always reach me at shira@itshandled.ca, and I really look forward to hearing your feedback.


Shira, Handled Concierge Founder & CEO

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